FL Padella Company, Inc.

Green Build

We’re doing what we’ve always done… Build quality, eliminate as much waste as possible, and insulate and seal to save energy. We’ve had “green philosophies” for a long time, but now our customers ask for it by name.

“Every house operates efficiently as a system.”

Simply put, to build green means to preserve and protect our environment now and for future generations. Some people know what green building features they want to incorporate into their project, some just know they want “an efficient” home with “quality indoor air”. Padella Building Company is a good fit for both types.

Each client receives options and advice to help make educated choices about what “shade of green” they want their project to be. There are also many “green” certification designations you may want to consider for your new home or remodel. If you are concerned with the energy efficiency of your existing home, call us for an on-site energy audit, complete with recommendations on how you can lower your current energy costs.

Frank builds each home and completes each project as though he was building it for himself… no shortcuts, no substitutions, only using the best building practices for future sustainability. Doing what makes sense for now and the future.

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